2008   Parsons The New School for Design, MFA Graduate, New York, NY
1997    The Ontario College of Art and Design, Graduate, Toronto, ON

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Urban Fabric, Atelier Zerebecky and Art Yuyuan, Shanghai, CN
2018   In This Moment, I: Project Space, Beijing, CN
2018   Kindred Spirits, Taipei Contemporary Art Centre, Taipei, TW
2018   Resonances, Division Gallery, Toronto, ON
2017   Cabinet, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, CH
2016   Somewhere Else, Division Gallery, Toronto, ON
2016   In the Absence (of), 8eleven, Toronto, ON
2014   At Night All Cats Are Grey, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2012   Memorial Day, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2011    Grace, The Artlog Loft, Brooklyn, NY
2010    Lost Highway, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2009   River’s Edge, Dumbo Art Under The Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY
2007   Undercurrents, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006   (Re) constructing Love, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2005   Christopher, Solo Exhibition, Toronto, ON
2005   Concealed Weapon, Galerie Accidentelle, Montreal, QC
2004   am: After Midnight, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, ON

Selected Group Exhibitions
2019 Techne and Art: Ecologies of Pre- and Post-modern Subjectivities, Space Station Gallery, Beijing, CN
curated by You Mi
2019 Four Squared Plus One, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai, CN
2018   Art Biesenthal, Mikel and Ayla Hecken Foundation, Biesenthal, DE
2017   7th Beijing Biennial, National Museum of Art, Beijing, CN
2017   Alternative Histories, Division Gallery, Toronto, ON
2017   Cabinet, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, CH
2016   Watch My Face To read My Thoughts, LUMA Project Space, Texas State University,
           San Marcos Texas, US
2015    Alle, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, CH
2015    Alpina Huus, House of Deep Transformations in 11 Acts, Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin, Germany,
            curated by Elise Lammer and Denis Pernet    
2015    Stories Told, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2014    New Associations, SALTS, Basel, Switzerland, Curated by Elise Lammer
2014    Reconstalation, Prak-sis N3w M3edia Art Festival, Chicago, IL
2014    Vector Issue 5, Schau Fenster, Raum für Kunst, Berlin, Germany
2013    The Assemblance of Presence, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, Switzerland
2013    Echoing Nostalgia, San Art, curated by Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2013    Under New Management, ODD Gallery, The Klondike Institute of Art and Culture,
            curated by Suzanne Carte & Su-Ying Lee, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada
2013    Translation, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON, Curated by Rachel Farquharson
2012    Up Against It, Munch Gallery, Manhattan, NY, Curated by Billy Miller
2012    10x10, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2011     Petit-Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public, Forever and Today, Manhattan, NY
2011    B-B-B-B-Bad, Anna Kustera Gallery, Manhattan, NY, Curated by Billy Miller and
2011    City Speaks; A Conversation at the Dinner Table, Atelier Oliver Kunkel, Presented by
            CAT Cologne, Cologne, Germany
2010    No Soul For Sale, K-48 Kontinuum; The Tate Modern, London, England
2010    NY Art Book Fair “Straight To Hell Outpost,” PS1 Long Island City, NY
2010    131, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2010    Geometry and Gesture, Elga Wimmer Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2009    No Soul For Sale, K-48 Kontinuum; X-Initiative, Manhattan, NY
2009   Overlap, Elga Wimmer Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2009    Paper In the Wind, Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2009    Summer Camp; Like a Moth to the Flame, Exile, Berlin, Germany
2008    Zwischen, Galerie Stefan Ropke, Cologne, Germany
2008    K-48, John Connelly Presents, Manhattan, NY
2008    O Canada, Gallery MC, Manhattan NY, Curated by Miriam Katz
2008    Parsons MFA Exhibition, The Kitchen, Manhattan NY  
2007    Art With Heart, The Carlu with Ritchies Auctioneers and Appraisers, Toronto, ON
2007    Signs of Life, 141 North 7th St, Williamsburg, NY, Curated by David Gibson
2006    Glocal, Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto, ON 2006      
2006    Art In The Workplace, The Investors Group in Association with The Toronto Arts Council,
             Toronto, ON Curated by William Huffman

Special Projects, Editions, Commissions and Art Fairs

2019 Urban Fabric, Atelier Zerebecky, Shanghai, CN
2018    Kindred Spirits, Unique Multiples, Sarah Belden Fine Art, Madrid, Spain
2017    Art Toronto, Division Gallery, Toronto, ON
2016    Art Toronto, Division Gallery, Toronto, ON
2015    Drawing Now Paris, Paris, France , Galerie Wenger, Zurich, Switzerland
2014     Art Toronto, O’Born Contemporary,Toronto, ON
2014     Drawing Now Paris, Paris, France , Galerie Wenger, Zurich, Switzerland 2013     
2014     Kunst 13 Zurich, Galerie Wenger, Zurich, Switzerland 2013     
2014     Art Toronto, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2011      The Expat Effect, Canadian Art Dealers Association, The Armory Show, Manhattan NY
2009    Closer To God, Curatorial Project, The AAF, Manhattan, NY
2008     Hide and Seek; Living Room Project, Flux Factory in collaboration with
              openhousenewyork, Manhattan, NY
2008     K-48, Aqua Art Fair, Miami, FL
2008     Reading Room, Pulse Art Fair, Manhattan NY, Curated by Jeffrey Walkowiak
2005     Perpetual Motion, Toronto Alternative Art Fair International,
              The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2005     Gallery Commission, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, ON


2018    I Project Space, Beijing, China
2014    Kunsthalle Roveredo, Roveredo, Switzerland
2011    CAT Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Awards and Distinctions

2018   Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2017   Travel Grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2017    Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2014   Artist Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2007   Dedalus Foundation Fellowship nominee
2006   Dean’s Scholarship, Parsons The New School for Design
2005   Artist Grant, Toronto Arts Council
2003   Artist Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

Publications and Press

2019 Travis Jeppesen, Queer Abstraction (Or How to Be a Pervert with No Body). Some Notes Toward a Probability, Mousse Magazine 66
2018 Sheryl Cheung, Kindred Spirits Review, Canadian Art Magazine, December 4 2018
2018   Travis Jeppesen, See You Again In Pyongyang: A Journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea
2018    Anna Kovler, The Spaces We Inhabit…
2017    Anna Kovler, Alternative Histories
2015    Bojan Zlatkov, Interview, Widewalls, October 2015
2015    Managing Editor, Vector Issue 6, Toronto, July 2015
2014    Associations New @ SALTS, Atractivoquenobello, November 11 2014
2014    John Monteith, In Search of a New City, Vector Issue 5, Berlin, September 2014
2014    Travis Jeppesen, Norko Realism, Art in America, June 2014
2012    Matt Bua and Max Goldfarb, Architectural Inventions: Visionary Drawing of Buildings
2012    Bill Clarke, John Monteith, Memorial Day, Magenta Magazine, Fall/Winter 2012
2012    Travis Jeppesen, Shadows and Corners: on John Monteith’s Recent Photos & Paintings
2012    Rachel Anne Farquharson, 10x10 Photo Exhibit a Portrait of Toronto’s Queer Community
2012    Catalogue, 10x10 Photography Project
2011     Carlos Motta and Joshua Lubin-Levy, Petit-Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public
2011     Rachel Anne Farquharson, John Monteith: Lost Highway, C Magazine, Summer 2011
2011     Jakob Schillinger, Recessional Aesthetics: An Exchange, October 135, Winter 2011
2011     Jarrett Moran, On Our Walls, Artlog February 27 2011
2010    Charley Independents, K48 Kontinuum, No Soul For Sale, May 2010
2010     Dick Averns, No Soul for Sale, Material Gestures and Energy and Process
              at the Tate Modern, May 2010
2010     glass, Pop Up Art, May 2010
2010     Times Online, The Editor’s Choice: What to See This Weekend, London, England May 14, 2010
2010     FAD, May 10, 2010
2010     Carol Vogel, Tate Modern Free-for-All, The New York Times, April 22 2010
2009     Sarah Hromack, K-48 Kontinuum, June 2009   
2009     Holland Cotter, No Soul For Sale, The New York Times June 24th 2009
2009    Butt Magazine, Hotnuts, June 2009
2008     K-48, The Space Issue, September 2008
2008    The New Yorker, “O Canada,” October 2008
2007 August/September 2007
2007     Daryl Vocat, Pretty Disasters, Xtra, August 30th, 2007
2007    Toro Magazine, November, December 2005
2005     Style, Volume 117, Issue 3, March 2005, Kenneth R. Wilson Silver Medal winner for best
              Art Direction of an Opening Spread, Canadian Business Press
2004     Daryl Vocat, am. After Midnight, Xtra, September 16, 2004
2004     Highrise Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3, November 2004
2000    Toronto Life, January 2000.
1998      British Good Housekeeping, October 1998.

Teaching/Artist Lectures

Sessional Lecturer, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, The University of Toronto

2018   Visiting Artist, The Ontario College of Art and Design University
2016   Artist Talk, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS
2013    Panelist, The Past in Words and Images, San Art, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2013    Artist Talk, San Art, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2012    Artist Talk, Memorial Day, O’Born Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2011     Artist Talk, Lost Highway, Toronto, ON
2010    Artist Talk, Parsons the New School for Design, New York, NY
2008   Visiting Critic, Parsons the New School for Design, New York, NY


Arsenal, Montreal, Toronto, Canada
Bank of Montreal, Toronto, Canada
The New School, Manhattan, New York, USA
Torys LLP, Toronto, Canada
TD Bank, Toronto, Canada
BNY Melon, New York, USA
Morris and Associates, London, England